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Tips For IELTS Listening

Tips To Ace Your IELTS Listening Section

There are four parts of ten questions each in the IELTS Listening section. The exam is divided into 4 sections and it takes around 30 minutes to finish. After the listening exam, you will have ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

  • If you must include a date in your response, keep in mind that there are a few acceptable methods to do so (e.g., April 24, 24th April, 24 April – all are okay).
  • You can continue to check out the items that don’t fit while you listen to the tape. It facilitates selecting the best course of action.
  • Simply go on and leave a question if you are unable to respond to it. Avoid wasting time on it and becoming anxious. Come return to it later if you still have time.
  • When the last recording ends, you have ten minutes to transfer your answers from the Listening booklet to your response sheet if you’re taking the IELTS on paper.
  • It is preferable to wait until the recordings have finished before moving the answers to the answer sheet (rather than in between parts) since you could miss some crucial details on the subsequent segment of the exam.
  • Pay close attention to the question and keep an eye out for any important terms or synonyms—words that have the same meaning as another word or very close to it. This may aid in determining the solution. If you hear on the audio, for example, “She likes going to the gym and playing tennis,” this may appear as “She is an active person” on your answer sheet or screen (if the IELTS is offered electronically).
  • You must be fully conversant with the English alphabet and its pronunciation to answer questions requiring you to write down words that are spelled out in the audio.
  • The letter “W,” for example, is pronounced “double-u.”
  • Please take the time to properly study each question before the recording of any segment starts. This will make it easier to follow the recordings and find the solutions.
  • After finishing a portion, you can read the questions for the subsequent section.
  • Keep in mind the word counts for every area. Adhere to instructions such as “Write no more than two words.” You can receive no credit for the attempted response if you write more than the allotted amount.

So, we hope that these tips help you in acing your IELTS listening section.


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