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Benefits of Left Handed Person

Find Good Benefits of being a Left Handed Person

It is true that around 87 to 90% of the people on this globe are right-handed. Which means they use their right hand to perform most of their work. However, there are some people who use left hands instead. These are the lefties. They posses various set of marvelous traits that you might not be aware off. Thus, you must find good benefits of being a left-handed person in order to discover the distinctive characteristics of such people.

Who said left-handed persons couldn’t type fast? Well, one of the top neurologists, Dr. Abdul Samee Jatoi, claims that his left-handed patients type extremely quickly.

Since none of us have ever learned to touch type, we are all one-finger typists.

Did you know that left-handed drivers outperform their right-handed counterparts on driving exams?

Statistics show that just 47% of right-handers succeed their driver’s test on their first attempt, compared to 57% of left-handers who do!

In fact, two of the greatest drivers in the world are lefties: Ayrton Senna and Valentino Rossi.

Lefties may have different views and solutions to problems since information travels between the hemispheres of the brain more frequently in this type of person.

Left-handed people may be willing to examine a radical idea and come up with a solution that a right-handed person’s brain might miss, while right-handed people could reject it.

Being a lefty gives you an advantage in divergent thinking.

It is a mental process that looks at several approaches and develops original concepts using the information at hand.

Studies indicate that those who identify as left-handed are more likely to possess a highly developed right hemisphere of the brain, which is in charge of creative thinking.

Being left-handed gives you an advantage in some sports.

Consider the game of tennis. Serving with your left hand can provide you a distinct benefit over right-handed opponents if you are a left-handed player.

Left Handed Athlete

There are similar advantages in boxing. Boxers aren’t accustomed to dealing with left-handed attackers.

Cricket players who bat left-handed also seem to perform better.

Swimmers who swam left-handed, like Mark Spitz, were thought to have an advantage because they could become used to seeing underwater faster.

Your quest to find good benefits of being a left-handed person ends here.

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Being a lefty is truly a blessing due to the advantages associated with it. Moreover, being unique is truly something to be proud of. Thus, if you are a lefty then find good benefits of being a left-handed person and take pride in it.

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